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EuroEnergy Group is Marcegaglia’s reference business unit in renewable energy production, focusing its activity in developing, building and operating renewable sources power plants.

EuroEnergy Group is active in the Technology Research and Development field, and supports any step of project development, including feasibility study, environmental impact evaluation study, project financing, basic and detailed engineering, fuel supply, handling and storage, up to plant operations managing throught vehicle companies.

60 MWe of installed power 200 millions Euro of investments 400 millions kWh of “green energy” produced every year EuroEnergy Group is also charged for all the other activities of Marcegaglia Energy: · wood to energy processing · handling of municipal solid waste and special wastes processing · R&D in new energy carriers for energy conversion.
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via G. Alessi, 2
20020 lainate, Milano - Italy
phone +39 . 02 937 968 72

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